Most of our catamaran sailing takes place from San Pedro in Ambergris Caye

Sailors of all skill levels enjoy Hobie's latest Club Wave and Getaway catamarans.

We offer a wide range of instructional courses. All accredited instructors are certified by US Sailing Association or Royal Yachting Association authorities.

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The 1888 Armada invites you to enjoy the coastal winds of San Pedro and experience the exhilaration of sailing the latest Hobie Catamarans.

The 1888 Armada is the North American Hobie Cat Association's newest fleet (NAHCA Fleet 930) in Division 13. Our home port is located beachside on Ambergris Caye. Other Division 13 countries include Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras.

The Armada's mission is to profitable promote Belize as a premiere sailing destination throughout the world.

The Fleet

Our current Fleet is comprised of Hobie Club Wave's and the Hobie Getaway. Sailors of all skill levels will enjoy sailing these two boats. Beginners favor the easy to maneuver 13ft. Wave while experienced sailors enjoy flying a hull on the quick and responsive 17ft. Getaway.

Instruction and Packages

We offer a variety to sailing packages for sailors of all skill levels. The protected waters inside the reef make it perfect to learn how to sail or perfect your technique.

Our packages can compliment your existing vacation plans. We also have non-sailor activities which can be enjoyed in close proximity to your sailing partners.

Contact us at info@belize-adventures.com to create the sailing adventure of a lifetime.